Today the sun is out, if only for anhour or so . I can't really remember when it last showed itself.
Since sweden is so far north (above the polar circle) we don't have much sun during most of the year, except in the winter that is.

Have you ever seen a worldmap or a map of Europe? Have you ever noticed how far north Sweden really is?


As you can see Sweden is about as far up as the russain taiga (tundra), see pic below.


Looks nice and friendly doesn't it? It's nothing more than permafrost and the occational Sami.

It's also about as far north as Greenland (pic below)


Yeah, Greenland is just a big glacier (they have a population of a little less then 60.000 and it's the 13th largest country in the world)

So what does this tell us? Well, just that Sweden is covered by mostly ice and the other parts are mostly desolate. The animal life is about what you'll see on the south pole, penguins, polarbears and such.

Now you know a little bit more about Sweden:)