well im bored. my name is Sean. ive been unemployed for about 2 1/2 months now alot of people would think thats good and alot would say thats bad. I HATE IT!!!!! im twenty years old i dont have to much talent for anything besides trying to make people happy. i have no college degree and i hate school. (note im not trying to write in any certain way so if im all over the place i apologize.) i live with my fiance krista who has recently gotten a job that can be turned into a easy carreer. all i want to do in life is work come home see my future wife eat dinner maybe play some games or watch some naruto (upsessed with naruto) and then go to be... on the weekends ill party like any other 20 year old drink and on the occasion a lil smokeing . not cigs. ... back to being unemployed it blows because nobody thinks i want to work but i have applied im not even lying like 30 jobs in the past 3 months and i know how to talk to people and stuf just noone needs me because they hired for the holiday season... it sucks alot idk i just wana make my women happy and live a calm basic life. idk shit is hard some time what can u do about it..... oooo and R.I.P Asuma
i just read about it so its sad