how you I hate.

I hate you. My whole being down to the hair on my balls hates you. Down to a thousand past life times of being I hate you with. I hate your hair. I hate your stupidly scrunched up face. You look like you got punched and everything on your face decided to collapse in on itself. You're ugly.

And I don't mean that in just the physical sense. Which you are. But you're a selfish bastard and I hate that about you. I hate your vain attitude and the fact that you think that it's all about you. I hate that you make it seem as though no one else in this world has any feelings and everyone has to cater to yours. Where the fuck do you come off with some bull like that? You play stupid games and try and limit what people can do but then go around and do those exact same things you try and limit other people from doing.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Got I hate you. I want to invent a pill that I could sneakily drop into your drink one night that'll make you grow a set of balls by the morning and I'll be there when you wake up to lay the fist of god down my new speed bag.

This is me on the of the Empire State building proclaiming my hate for you. This is me on top of the Statue of Liberty. This is on top of the Eiffel Tower. This is me on top of Mt. Fiji eating sushi throwing wasabi in my eye and letting it burn like the hate I have for you letting it be a proclamation unto the world. I hate you.

As a person, I don't like you. As a little piece of shit, I like you even less.

The next time you want to talk to me, go jump off a bridge head first and land your right eye on a needle you fucking bitch.

Don't even go to hell. Cease to exist.