So i caught I know who killed me yesterday night.
Boy, did it scare the living daylights out of me.
I knew it was a semi-horror movie however i wasn't prepared for what i saw yesterday.
Horror, yes.
Scares me to the core, but it's fun to watch.
Adrenaline rush, heart pumping faster all the blood gush.
That's fun.
Oh no no no no.

I bet i was the loudest in the cinema.
But i didn't care because it was so terrifying!
Whether the ratings for it was good or bad, I must say Lindsay wasn't that bad.
If she could make me afraid, i guess she had me then.
Derrick! You didn't tell me there was going to be gore la.
Some more want to scare me in the cinema!
Just wait.
One day,i'll creep out from the dark corner and scare you!
Back to Lohan.
She was awfully hot. Boys, in for some stripteases?

Who knew i could put the pieces together when i was too busy being 100% terrified?
I can't believe my suspect was the music teacher.
and so he was the one.
How creepy is that!

But what really crept me out the most was how he knew so much about her.
All the similar facts i picked out from the movie, really made me feel frightened to go home by myself.
After all, my block is no longer safe.
I shall not scare you so i won't disclose the block number.

I'm really afraid to see him again.
The 1st time was bad enough to already burn a horrible mark in my memory.
The 2nd time was for me to hide away.
The 3rd time just a earth check to me that he hasn't disappeared yet.

The memory of his voice snakes its way through my body causes all my muscles to petrify.

When the blood flows into your veins, your breath catches and your min spins out into that huge black space of unreality - marshmallows for breakfast

I should just find my equilibrium & concentrate on the more important things.

tata world.