2008 needs to come quick because I'm near the end of my tank. My sanity, energy, and rationality are all emptying out faster than I anticipated. This year was probably one of the toughest and strangest one I've experienced. A rollercoaster ride that had sudden sharp drops and gradual upward climbs.

California fires, came close to dropping out of grad school, clients throwing pens at me, boss abusing his retirement mode, caught the cold twice (abnormal for me), got chased by a 60 year old man in the parking lot wanting my phone number (:iik), major adjustments in my family, even my family members all got sick more often and its because of the immense stress we're all going through.

Work, school, family, friends, health, offline, online, subconscious, hallucination....okay, lol the latter didn't actually happen.

On the bright side, one can only go up from here. :)

Its not that nothing good happened though. There were definitely some highlights, lots of new friends, a good review at work, discovered some new bands that rock my music world, met some great new professors, traveled to Tokyo....twice, and thats about it.

But with how everything has been this year in general, I definitely think my life can only go up at this point. I'm not providing myself false comfort, but genuinely optimistic my future. I've seen many firsts this year, some that I wish I didn't. I don't want to relive any of those moments.

Strangely, the only thing that hasn't provided me drama is my love life, or lack thereof. I'm not looking for a relationship and hence, didn't find one. The only thing that worked out for me in the end. :lmao

2007 had its moment, but when I look back on it, I just take a deep breathe and sigh. I'm glad its almost over. Nevertheless, I learned a lot. With each obstacle, mistake, and drama I endured, I also found valuable lessons to learn; and with these experiences, I plan to grow from them.

I want to look back on a year and smile proudly, joyously, and fondly. I'll make 2008 that year.