Ok....so I'm a little piss at the dummmies around. and somewhat about my life.

Life first: I really, really want a day that no one even shout out my name, no one to tell me what to do, just one day of me controling me for a day. Is that hard to ask.

Now to dummies: I know pairing in other anime and manga isn't inportant (unless u watch soap operas) but here me out. YOU DO NOT COMFIRM ANY PAIRING, OR IN FACT, OTHER THINGS UNTIL THE END OF THE SERIS. THINGS CHANGES AROUND HERE!!!!! "Oh...he ends up with her, it already happen, this guy is really this, I know it and I'll kill u if u disagaue..." SHUT UP!!!! Most stories (and I say most because some aren't even base) are base on the creators life, thus it has some sort of realism, wether u like it or not. Naruto: Biology is involve. Bleach: God and the afterlife that we learn in the Bible is involve. Gundam: Mechanic. Geez....oh and Harry Potter: teens life. There! And the Pairing isn't comfirm until the end ok, because chances are, it won't happen, they'll break up or they marry someone else.