Look, its a bunch of smiley faces, what could they be used for????

On the fucking toilet?!!!

Alright, I saw this and had to laugh and take a picture. Don't let the smiley faces fool you, it was clearly invented by a raging, but intelligent pessimist.

Oh so you want to see more smiley faces? Okay, I'll invent something that will allow you to see smiles whenever you go the bathroom. However, as soon as you see that smiley face, you'll be preparing to pee, shit, and/or fart on its face. Once you're done crapping all over it, you'll then use your feet to shove it down the toilet where it belongs and finally, flush it down so no one will ever see its sorry face again. If you're the sadistic type, you won't flush, but let every random stranger walk pass it and see its disgraced face.

Now tell me, is this not the invention of a true pessimist?