My uncle came home Monday afternoon from a fishing trip, which is his occupation.

Recently, he had a friend from the time he began fishing pass away from a heart attack. He passed away when my uncle was out on the ocean, so my uncle had no way of knowing that he had passed away.

You see, his friend's heart attack occurred a few days before New Years, so during New Years it was a bittersweet party with my uncle and his buddies quite obviously upset over the ideal. His friend was placed in a induced coma, but never came out of it.

My uncle was very apprehensive when he went out to sea that day, not only because the sea was slightly rough but because he was depressed about his close friend on the verge of death.

They were buddies, his friend was his mentor in fishing. I remember his friend, we called him Uncle too. He was friend of the family and was truly appreciative of my uncle's friendship. A couple of days before his fatal heart attack he talked about my uncle, about how close they were despite their 20 year age difference and how they used the same brand of line when fishing.

It was almost as if he had foreseen his tragedy.

So my uncle was out on sea and he saw a butterfly. This was around the time his mentor had passed away, and until he caught his first catch did the butterfly fly by his face. He said to it "I'm ok, I'm fine" and the butterfly flew off into the sun.

From that moment on, according to him he's felt peaceful in the ocean. Like his worries have been calmed down and suppressed, he feels truly at peace out there fishing. It is one thing to love fishing and another thing to fish for business. My uncle now feels truly at peace with the ocean.

Shortly afterwards, his motor in his boat began to malfunction. He pulled into shore shortly thereafter, concerned that if the motor stalled out in sea he'd be stranded basically. Returning home to my grandma's house, he checked his engine and it worked fine. As he cursed his bad luck, the radio on his boat reported a bad front moving in, with rough seas to follow.

My grandma felt that this incident was his mentor's way of protecting him from the rough seas, or teaching him one last lesson before passing on, that you cannot catch anything from the sea when it is rough.

Believe it or not, but this was told to me by my family members that I trust more than anything else. My uncle now seems a lot more happy, knowing that even with his friend and mentor gone he is still watching over my uncle and protecting him in his dangerous job at sea as a fisherman.

I guess, after it all, friends are always there for you, even through life's rough waters.