So, I scrapped todays original plans for adventure and went somewhere else :D

Their accents are pretty ace I must say.

We went there for kicks. actually a friend wanted to see the Uni and Noush took pics of things she liked
I'm a picky tourist when it comes to photographs :D

This is the Magical Bus of Manchester. It takes you to magical places, I really wanted to go on it, but we were in a car so there was no point ;____;

Some graffiti lulz XD
I think it's pretty accccccccceee. Look at the lion! It could be a new pokeman!

This is an American style car wash in Manc.
... >__>

And thats all the pics i took yaaaaaay! Now you've seen Mancy its well cool!

I did other cool things there with cool people ;)
but I dun wanna drag the blog on without piktoral ebidenceeeee

so instead i shall move onto storrrwee numba 2!!!

(will continue in part 2 :D!!!!)