SO, we were traveling back home and were WELL HUNGRY LIKE, so we travelled 42 miles to some unknown place to get a Subway. Because Subway is WIN!

While we were there i wanted to go EXPLOOOOORE like Dora does. and we found a pet shop!

Okay, so like.. this place was kinda scary. This old woman owned the shop (which was TINY and smelly ;__;) and she had this messed up cat called Oscar. She was watching us walking around (we were feeling kinda uncomfortable) and talking to this cat..

anyways, I was looking at rats and stuff then she comes up behind me and goes "would you like to see mah chinchillaaahhh?"

so she took us to this back room with all these (probably illegal) animals.
She was really scary. she was all like "would you like to stroke it young lady?"
"erm.. no thanks.."

at this point we all wanted to leave, but she trapped us in this back room with her messed up cat and even more messed up animals.
this poor little grey gerbil ;___;
it was all alone and staring at me ;__;
With Oscar the cat sitting on top of its cage terrorizing it.
I couldnt take listening to it squeal with fear, and it was all alone. And in a scary shop. With a scary lady ;__;


so i bought it...

I'm such a moose really. I got three already.


so the problem.
I'm kinda scared the other three will rip this one to pieces (since this is tiny and n00bish and they're huge and mean)

plus it could be a girl. I didnt check. If its a girl.. the whole of NF are gonna get free baybeh gerbilzz :D

and knowing that shop. Its probably not even a gerbil, but some odd hybrid chinchilla :/

meeeeeeeh ;____;