It is a well known fact that there are mediocre people in this world. Some are born mediocre, some achieve a fine trend of incredible averageness later in life, and still others have it shoved into their lives by some higher power's sense of humourous predestination. Perhaps even some have a blue devil of a mere fathead mortal who has decided to have it out for the poor soul. In terms of looks, if such an appellation could be aligned with a person who looks like nothing, - nothing being everything an indescribable person looks like, mediocre young people tend to be pale, skinny, moony individuals of whom grow to be pale, skinny, moony adults that seemingly have the terrible habit of nature of ending up pale piles of skinny ashes with indentations where average moony eyes might have been. Of course, being so modestly medium, these people you have most likely not noticed. That is actually quite normal, considering their nondescriptness. In fact, the few people who notice those who are bad at nothing and good at even less are often fascinated by how un-fascinating these middling existences happen to be.

Now you probably are not bothered by this, so well knowing the nature of your soul, because this is a low-risk investment venture with only an accurate 89.34% chance of you being offended. Unless of course you're mediocre, in which case you most likely have taken offence, but are too average to actually care or do anything about it. And because that is an entirely related tangent for a different time, I won't go there since it will probably be circuitous anyway. In the aspect that began this thought from the very get-go, any outside analyst would agree with me that averageness is probably not a very funny joke. Actually, the above is most likely as funny as eggs, which aren't even funny, as I've said before, and if eggs aren't funny, there are lots of things that aren't even funnier. There is nothing funny about watching layman-ish Joe and Jane workers being busted down, instead of promoted, for common and odious whisperings of higher-ups, and there are certainly no funnies to be found in not being able to light the fire under the ass of want for further achievement of loftier attainments (geddit?). It's even less funny to know that they are now satisfied with their lesser position, and it's a fact of life that no matter how hard RB tries, he will never convince me he deserves that sort of cash with that sort of hair.

I know precisely what you are thinking, and you are quite wrong.

No, I am not one of these. I am far from average, though that must be shocking, considering I am so knowledgeable of the medium. But, however dubious my sources of observation may be, I know I am correct. This is entirely because I've got a mind, and as I've said before, I've noticed that people with a mind tend to get pretty smart sometimes. With that mind I have come to the entirely right, so-help-me-God, conclusion that all this mediocrity should be abolished, and those who do not agree are probably creeping Socialists who insofar in correlation to this lover of freedom have been obsequiously duplicitous. Now what right have I to come to such a conclusion? Only that I am a hard-working, upright, unbiased person who disapproves only of those who happen to disagree with me. Now I know what you're going to argue, that I sound like a common person goddamit, and how can I be so sure I am not mediocre myself? That is quite simple. I make a handy living doing nothing, and when it comes to nothing, I am quite the fastidious one. The more nothing I do, the better off I am, and there are not many that can claim such fame. In fact, so dedicated to nothing I am, that on long evenings I remain indoors and avoid not doing nothing, and without fail I spring out of bed at the crack of noon everyday. Because of this, peers find that I am very wise, and those who don't likely are ignominious turntails. Even I were to be one of those fops lacking distinguishment, I would inescapably leap out as a person lacking more distinguishment than all the rest, so you see, it is impossible for me to be mediocre because a person so lacklusterly lackluster as I cannot possibly be so plain to be a plain as others.

Because of this, I'm certain you can see why I find it paramount to contain all of the normative in a vacuum before society as a whole ends up dwelling in an infundibuliform vortex where everything is the average play that has as much thought in it as this entire entry. One could say that it is a defence against mediocre sameness. After all, if we do not isolate all this intermediacy, it will likely spread , and before you know it, we'll all be creeping Socialists who insofAr in correlation To this lover of freedom have been obsequIously duplicitous in disagReeing with me, and that's Exactly what Marx wants.