I'm not a very well known person here, partially because I lack the social openness to post often in places where people could get to know me. I'm relatively never in any place for too long forum-wise anyway, but whatever. Here's some stuff about me:

- I live in Hilo, Hawaii and I'm a senior in high school. If you have any Hawaii questions, I've been known to be a reliable source for travel recommendations for my friends on the continent so feel free to PM/comment me.

- I'm a boy, for people who don't know that already. Apparently with my new username it could be anyone's guess.

- I'm a Naruto fanboy, but now I'm currently getting into Bleach.

- I am 17, but unfortunately for you I'm taken.

- I enjoy a good laugh, you'll see me lurking around in some threads reading posts in hopes of a good laugh.

- My hobbies include: Writing, Golfing, playing sandlot sports like baseball and football, sports data and info, and slacking off.

- I do like to make friends. So if you wanna be my friend by all means PM me.