This just a place where I want to store my reading order of The Flash

If you are interested in reading the Flash you are in the right place

Now this will focus on Barry Allen and Wally West

I will start off Wally West since he is The Flash that I grew up with then move to Barry Allen

Flash- Savage Velocity- First year of Wally West as The Flash (THE FLASH #1-18)

In-between here you can read Justice League International first 2 omnibuses which covers Wally West early years in the Justice League

Flash by Mark Waid Book one (THE FLASH #62-68, THE FLASH ANNUAL #4-5 and THE FLASH SPECIAL #1)


Book three (THE FLASH #83-94.)

Book 4 (The Flash #0, The Flash #95-105 and The Flash Annual #8)

Book five (The Flash #106-118 and Impulse #10-11)

Book six (The Flash #119-128 and the two-part series Green Lantern and The Flash: Faster Friends)

Flash by Morrison and Millar (THE FLASH from issues #130-141, plus the crossover issues GREEN ARROW #130 and GREEN LANTERN #96)

Back to Mark Waid Book Seven (Flash #142-150, Flash Secret Files, Speed Force, Flash 80-Page Giant)

Book Eight (The Flash #151-162, The Flash Annual #12, and material from The Flash Secret Files #2.)

Now we move over to Geoff Jones Flash Run

Book one (The Flash #164-176, The Flash Iron Heights #1, The flash secret Files #3, The Flash Or Worlds at War #1)

Johns Book 2 The Flash #177-200

Johns Book 3 (THE FLASH #189-200)

Book Four (THE FLASH #201-212)

Book Five Johns (THE FLASH #214-225)

DC Universe Rebirth Return of Wally West You might want to read things Flashpoint and some other thing mostly Barry Storylines but I plan to do reading order for Barry too

Titans 2016/Rebirth run Volume 1 and 2. Lazarus contract and Volume 3 and 4

Wally does make cameos on Flash Rebirth/2016 run too but those mainly focus on Barry but I would highly suggest you read them too


Flash War (The Flash #46-51 and a story from Annual #1)

Flash Forward (The Flash Forward #1-7)

This will lead into other things like Dark Knight metal series

But one story that really focus on Wally is Speed Metal

Which goes into Dark Knight Death Metal

Wally becomes the main Flash again on Flash issue 768 now you just read on from there

Now this isn't complete nor does it contain everything but it just a recommend way to get into Wally West Flash hopefully I will make a Barry Allen one soon