I'm currently trapped between writing two paths. Tainted Angel is one path, I personally would love to continue writing that path. But here's the catch: I'm writing another arc starring a separate viewpoint called Monster Hunt. Both equally important. Problem is I can't bring myself to finish monster hunt. It's a great piece of plot, but it's just not as fun to write. I find everything to gain from finishing it and personally would find it interesting to read. It's just I don't find it as interesting to write as the other one. Now here's where you say then continue on with Tainted Angel. But my main concern is losing touch with that side of the plot. I don't want it's plot and characters to fade into the back of my mind to be mangled in poor memory.

Aww, I'll just do Monster Hunt. It's a good plotline and leads to awesome things. Two different plots two different kinds of amazing.