Ok, well, today I will fill out my friends for you...so you aren't confused.....

there is...
Michiko Suzuki- A sweet, slightly shy red-head ith big sea-green eyes and glasses...looks a lot like Sakura Haruno from naruto. She is my bff. I really like her and talk to her every night on the phone. Though scared easily she is a great listener, and a great talker, we share many of the same interests though she just recently stopped liking anime and punkiness. Now she is into DIsney CHannel and prepiness...still aweosm tho...
6th grade
Chie Kara-
My slight rival for Michiko. Is wild and outgoing . SHes small and has big blue eyes and blonde hair. Guys think she is obvnoxious since she is so wild. I like her sometimes, but right now she is being right-down rude to me and ignoring me.
6th grade

Akemi Kimoto- Also sweet, shy and blonde with blue eyes. One of my closest friendsat the moment. A true follower and very cute. Reminds me of a puppy. Is in my grade-7th grade

Naomi honda- Very pretty, thin, intelligent and acomplete and total individual and leader. My secret role model. I look upt o ehr. She has a cool sense of fashion and her own individual personality. Strong, doesn't let anything bring herdown. My friend.

Toshiko Sasaki- I don't like ehr much but is Naomi's bff. Doesn't like me, in fact totally ignores me and brings me down. No comment

Yasuko- Warm, honestkind and true. I don't talk to her much but is wild and funny! 8th grade

Yoshi- Yasuko's bff. GOod friends at summer camp but now she mostly ignores me. 8th grade...

Thats all for right now!