Yes it is (It started today)
Which is another reason why living in California rocks my socks a lot. :kloff

I used to hate the customers we are accustomed to receive at the movie theater I work at. But with fifty more cents in my pocket every hour, it feels like I will be able to tolerate them a bit more. (At least, fifty-cents worth)

Anyways, I was crushed that Kishimoto mentioned that Naruto would have to wait, like WTF!?!? He's the main character! He's love! :naruramen Nuuuuu
Hate Sasuke, I do :cry, I was never his fangirl. Pfee

(I had a boyfriend that resembled Sasuke in both looks and character. He was effing annoying.)

The prophecy (although maybe redundant) is now worthless to me, he shall leave me hanging, wont he?

But I shall keep the faith!