Wow! TOday sucked friend wise. ESPECIALLY Michiko, Chie is fine, shes getting nicer. We still have a lot of
".........s"*cue wind blowing SFX* stuff, but its okay.
Michiko however......
A. Ignored me totally, lunch today I had no one mark it, NO ONE to sit with, Akemi was all tied p with her low grades in math+science.
I sat alone in total ignorance of Michiko Akemi.....and Naomi as well. I jsut abotu died.
I pulled aside Mickiko at break and asked her why, I'd just lectured her like a ggood best friend the other day abotu this same issue....what she does is....
"BLAHBLAHBLAH...excusesexcusesexcuses! FOrgot to call you. I was on the phone with CHie.......BLAAAH!" What happened to the girl who hing with me every other fridAY? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GIRL WHO CALLED ME EVERY NIGHT UNTIL OUR PARENTS WERE BEGGING FOR US TO GET OFF!
Shes gone, I don't believe it. GOne and ignoring me totally...I'm out!
and did I mention I'm on crutches...with a sprained ankle?/?????

my life sux so bad friend-wise....even though the guys in my class are all kind, considerate and unnannoying as possible.
Its not like I can eat lunch with thm or anything.....