Yea, third blog, been a bit since the last one.

Anyways, how y'all been doin? Nothin new really, fuckin uni work is taking its toll but its down the final stretch, just a month to go before Im free till March next year. Cant wait for the hols.

Played indoor soccer/futsal for the first time yesterday since I broke my femur bone in November last year. Played well, got a brace but I cant run the ball like I used to. Gotta get the practice in again for sure.

Anyways, bout the broken leg, its a long story. It was on the 29th of November, my last high school exam. Finished it, went ape shit happy and all. In the afternoon we had a social soccer game and my studs got stuck in the mud as I tackled this big ass dude right after half time. The guy was like Shaq but a foot shorter lol. He fell on my leg and cos the studs were stuck, it twisted and BAM! big snap.

Thought it was just a routine muscle strain or pull or sumthin but when I went to the hospital to have it checked, the docs said I needed surgery to have some titanium rod inserted into the femur bone since it snaped clean. They say that the femur is the biggest and hardest bone in the body so I was shocked. Milk didnt do much. There goes my hols. Was on crutches for 6 weeks, which was pretty much 3/4 of my summer break. Gay part was the no sports for 6 months bit, that was a heart breaker.

All good now though, soon Ill be running with the best of them like the old days, just gotta put in the reps.

Thats pretty good for a third blog, so Ill leave it at that.

Catch y'all around the forums :kool

Oh and we still won that game 6 nil :p