So, I want to write my thoughts down about tonights RP session. It was good, very good infact. Our storyteller has some of the best grasps of in game politics I have ever encountered (his degree in Political Science may play a part in this)

I am taking part in a Dark Ages Vampire, if you dont know what it is and aren't interested then close this box now, because the next couple of paragraphs are going to make little to no sense. Anyway, I'm playing a Ravnos in this Dark Ages, with a Tzimisce, a Malk, another Ravnos and a Cappadocian. Holy shit this story is awesome. Set in old old old London, our group has FINALLY managed to wrangle some territory (or domain) in a small part of London town called Homestead. Only for our efforts to be "comprimised" by a dirty Nosser called Thomas The Rat (yes, he looks like a rat and ends most of his sentences with a nasal "EEEH RATBAGS!"). We have tried continualy to thwart this twunt, but the tosser keeps coming back. So now we ended up murdering his ghoul (who was planning on marrying one of the daughters to our Tzimisce's ghoul in a political marriage). Luckily no one likes Thomas, so this went down a treat as the Nosferatu ran around screaming and ranting and no one gave a toss.

The rest of the group wants to diablerise him. I say I dont hate him enough to want to break vampire law XD I want to flush him out politically, possibly get permission for a blood hunt. But alas, our group runs on a democracy ?_?

Democracy blows when I dont get what i want