Ok so this is my first time posting a blog, so it will probably be poorly written compared to other blogs you may read, if u read this one at all. But anyways gettin to what i want to talk about, for some reason it seems like i have a problem with religion in my family & idk why. I mean for most of my life we never went to church, but around a year & a month ago, we started goin again. Eventually we became a part of the church got to know the members, & began to attend every sunday. Then out of nowhere, my moms makes us join the choir. That was all for a while, but soon after came going to bible study & sunday school. So yea im around some pretty religious people alot of the time & when i hear them pray & so it never bothers me at all, I have no problem with it. However when i hear my moms & pops start to praise god, my attitude changes a little. I get really annoyed for some reason & i'll say things like "why waste your time with prayin" to myself. I just really dont understand why....its like i cant accept them to be religious for some type of reason. Do any of yall understand why i feel like this, because its been bothering me for a while.

What are yall thoughts on this?