So, two days in the swamp and I never want to step foot here again.

The day started rather miserably. In a boat. A small boat Harlan let us have to make our way to the goblin village. Course, I assumed someone in the party would have some proficiency in navigating a small boat through shallow waters. Instead, we run into the shore multiple times, crash several times into trees, and almost overturned at least once. And to top it all off, one of the trees we crashed into contained a snake. Another bloody snake. And this one bit me too. So two days in the swamp and already multiple snake bites. I'm still woozy from the other night and I'm subjected to this hell.

If that was the worst of the day, I'd still be fine. But no, the day only gets worse. We finally come to the goblin village, and the place looks deserted. The front gates, if you can call them that, have suffered what looks like a massive frontal assault. Just inside the village is a burned pile of goblin bodies lying in a pit. Of course none of those ears are salvageable. So, as we're poking our heads into buildings, looking for any surviving goblins and their bloody chief, Ameiko's little brother, I think he wants us to call him "Heron" now, the fool, lets out a yelp. He had climbed a short ladder leading to one of the dwellings, and the goblins were apparently cowering inside. The battle was engaged!

We all quickly clambered into the small dwelling, which was connected via a series of hallways and platforms to the rest of the village, to have goblins pouring in on us from multiple directions. While Harlan and Lesedi mopped up the initial room of goblins, "Heron" walled off one hallway with an illusion the goblins had trouble piercing, and I disabled the goblins trying to flank us with a vibrant spray of colors that blinded and overwhelmed the senses of that lot. Next thing we know, fireworks are flying into the room from the illusionary wall, which helps convince the goblins that they can freely pass through it. Heron greased the hall, which had the goblins slipping and sliding into our blades. The battle ended with Harlan sliding down the hall atop his shield, crashing into the last goblin and pinning his body against the wall.

After collecting the ears of the slain goblins, and tying up the one goblin prisoner we secured, we set out to explore the rest of the structures. On the other side of their small village, we did come across a locked set of rooms. A goblin on the other side of the door called out in heavily accented common to go away. Knowing that there was an extra bounty for the chief, we had to investigate further. Circling the building, we came across as weaker door that was easier to batter down. We had discovered the goblin's treasure trove!

Although most goblin treasure is honestly just trash in disguise, this set of goblins actually had some success in raiding the caravan routes between Sandpoint and Korvosa, and we found an elaborate red chest decorated with cranes and frogs with a definite Minkai influence. This was instantly of interest to Jirou, uhm, I mean Heron. He instantly claimed the chest was a family heirloom, and who am I to say that it wasn't really Ameiko's. Other than the coin, the chest obviously was from Minkai upon further examination of it's contents, which included 3 Sky Rocket fire crackers, 6 high quality shuriken, an ornate hairpin, and a gold and ivory fan decorated with a gecko walking atop cherry blossoms. On the back side of the fan was a crude map, probably drawn by goblins, depicting the Brinestump Marsh. Several areas of the map were marked, two of them with symbols that Heron surmises depicts ship wrecks, and a third that I have to assume is a cave of some sort.

Having looked through the treasure room, we still had a locked door between us and what must be the goblin chief's throne room. Using a bit of bluffing and some minor illusion magic from Heron, we were able to trick the goblins into opening the door for us. Lesedi rushed the door as soon as it was opened and managed to force her way into the room. Several goblins were arrayed before us, and in a second chamber, several more were ready for us armed with bows, the largest and ugliest of the group must have been their chief, Gutwad. Using some magic to systematically daze the goblins, Lesedi and Harlan were able to brush past most of the initial troops. I was able to put most of the goblins in the second room to sleep with a single spell cast from my ring, but Gutwad resisted, and starting shooting fireworks at us. But, unlike the previous fireworks, this one was a particularly large one, and we were in a small space. The results were devastating. And goblins that were still standing were instantly knocked unconscious, and the four of us were badly injured. Then Gutwad opened fire with his bow, showing a particular hatred toward the three human members of our group. Harlan dropped first, and then Lesedi. As Heron and I closed in on him, he pulled out his spear and charged me. The last thing I remember before losing consciousness was being pinned to the wall with a spear in my gut.

When I came to, the others explained to me what had occurred. Apparently Harlan used a ruse and was only faking his defeat to goad Gutwad into attacking us. When Gutwad charged me, Heron slammed the door shut behind him and locked him out of his own throne room. Harlan then used his healing magics to quickly tend to Lesedi and Heron, and they were able to surround and defeat Gutwad, who waited patiently on them to let him back into his own throne room.

Obviously I'm upset. Even though Harlan tended to my grievous wounds, I'll have a scar on my belly for the rest of my days. Ameiko only adventured for a few months before she had earned enough to buy the Rusty Dragon, but I don't know if I'll make it that long. A simple goblin was almost the end of me. We've made camp for now in the goblin village since it's safer than sleeping out in the swamp, and Harlan has been tending to our wounds. I think tomorrow we'll end up checking out those shipwrecks, if that's what they end up being, and then hopefully we'll be able to get back to Sandpoint and collect our reward. I also want to bring this goblin we've captured to Shalelu for interrogation. Some parts of the puzzle don't make sense to me, like this beast that managed to inflict so much damage to the goblin village, why the goblins burned their dead, and where the goblins have been getting all these fireworks. Just need to make it through this night. Even worse case scenario, we should be out of the swamp by tomorrow night, even if we don't make it to Sandpoint before dark.