So, we set off today, the four of us, to the Brine Stump Marsh to kill us some goblins and claim their ears. 10 GP an ear... meh. I hope Ameiko appreciates the things I do for her affection. This better work.

Got bit by two snakes tonight. Funny story, that, not really. So, we're trekking around this god forsaken swamp, and it gets dark. We really didn't want to backtrack in the dark to dry land, so we decide to make for the new fishing hole, thinking that it'd be the safest place to camp. Sure enough, there's a cabin there. Walthis's cabin, that halfling druid of the marsh. I knew of him prior to our visit here. He's another friend of Ameiko's and occasionally comes into town for supplies. Stops by the Rusty Dragon.

Instantly I realize that something odd is going on. He's acting weird and won't let us into the cabin. Turns out, he claims his snakes (he loves snakes, apparently) bit him. Harlan offers to heal his wounds with the divine grace of Pharasma, which grants us entry and some tea. Walthis tells us we can set up camp for the night in his garden, but I can tell that there's something he's not telling us. So I Charm him. Maybe a bit much, sure, but I just had this feeling. Well, the asshole pulls me aside, as if he's going to tell me a secret. And then his face warps into this sideways mouth slit and snake tongue, and tells me that Walthis is upstairs and he's keeping him alive for later. The fuck! Terrified, I marshal everyone outside and fill them in. Before we can formulate a plan, I feel a sharp, stinging pain in my ankle. Walthis's damn snakes bit me! Twice!

Well, shaking the snakes off (Walthis will have to understand), we formulated a plan to free the halfling from what I believe is a faceless stalker. The bastard still being charmed, it was easy enough to get back in the house on the pretext of wanting some more tea. Harlan snuck upstairs and found Walthis while Lesedi and I distracted the beast. When Harlan came back down, we jumped on him. My spells were useless against him, and Lesedi's weapons weren't much better, but Harlan's connection to Pharasma allows him to do some scary things. With just a touch, blood burst from the creature's body. While it was distracted, I conked him on the head with my quarterstaff, and the beast bled out.

Walthis was obviously overjoyed. He explained that the creature came from the swamps and surprised him, but his snakes inflicted enough damage on the stalker to allow Walthis to escape to what he calls his "safe room". He was saddened by the loss of his snakes, but grateful enough for our timely intervention that he allowed us to stay in his cabin for the evening and even let Harlan keep a magical cloak of protection he possessed. The faceless stalker is likely a descendent of those that served the Runelords of old. They've been known to crop up here and there around Varisia. This one looked like he had a stunted growth and had been living in the swamp for a while. Still unusual, but probably not unheard of.

Still woozy from the poison, but Harlan is giving me some attention, and says I'll heal up fine before the week's through. I hope I'll feel well enough in the morning to continue on to the goblin village. Walthis has pointed us in the right direction, so we can be there and done. Back in Sandpoint by tomorrow night if things go smoothly. What can go wrong? They're only goblins.