10. She's hip, she's hot, and she's all that! (yes, both her AND Rachael Leigh Cook!)
9. She's really strong!
8. She's a nice, sweet, friendly, and kind-hearted girl in a tough girl's body!
7. She's an adult, but acts like a teenager!
6. She's a tomboy in terms of clothing, but acts like a silly girly girl!
5. She's very happy and upbeat!
4. She has a very high-pitched voice!
3. She uses her superhuman strength to make Sora flinch, and then sighs in her sweet, girlish voice and walks away peacefully.
2. She has a great last name that signifies that the Heartless can't get her, because her heart is locked! She and Cloud confirm that they love each other.Besides, I think they make a great couple!
1. She wins by default