All cells from cells.

I had the longest day imaginable today. I just barely survived it. Days like these remind me of other times when I used to think it was hard.

When I was in university I was an undergraduate Teaching Assistant. Which means I taught 3 classes of Freshmen Biology.

I used to worry alot that I would mess up. All of my students were in the science track and so all were training to do something in the field.

I was tasked with teaching them basic biology, the foundations that they would build their entire careers on.

I worried that I wasn't good enough. I spent so much time preparing for their classes that I started to neglect my own. That year I was taking rough classes and I had to prepare for my medical entrance exam.

I thought to myself: it couldn't possibly get any worse than this.

It can. And it has.

as an aside: I got an email from a student recently and she apparently just graduated for uni and is off to graduate school for marine science. I guess I wasn't so bad afterall.