So, i decided to use this random blog for all you NFers, though it'll probably turn into the rants of a sociopathic kind, or a musical one.

First topic of today, grindcore. I have found that with alot of people, grindcore is a very touchy genre that most people aren't willing to take the plunge. It's also wrongly seen as a primarily metal movement, even though its roots are clearly punk. But its clearly in a genre of its own, with its own independent scene that has merged both punk and metalhead for YEARS.

But yeah, it's a simple case of you either get it or you dont, and most people are on the "dont" side. Even when i pimp the music, i find the only people who will listen and comment are the ones who are already grinders. But that's cool, i dont expect to convert people in the slightest.

One thing that has me pissed off and dissapointed in though is the outright disrespect people have for each other on this board. The right wingers, the left wingers and the floaters in between. Be it about religion, music or politics, this silly little anime board is filled with unwanted(unneeded) drama and sensless tartary (my new word of the day). I entirely understand debate and disagreement, but come on people, is that an entire reason to scream and whine at people in an act of complete disrespect? I for one don't like Green Day, i have my own reasons for this, but I'm not gonna instantly ignore someone because of this fact, I won't even flame! But if they ask for an opinion, it will be given, dont you mistake that XD

But yeah, this has ranted for too long. I shall just say that As Good As It Gets is on TV and i want to watch it (Jack Nicholson deserves my attention)

I bid thee farely well!