So today in our 9 am Myocardial Infarction lecture, the esteemed Professor Moody posed this question to the class:

?What makes us different from each other??

I sat there in my back row seat, awakened from my day dreaming about all the stuff I had to do when I got home:

*pay my Best Buy bill
*check my student e-mail to see what my preceptor says about tomorrow?s ward service
*answer my medical advice thread (which I have been neglecting for several days)
*make a new sig/ava set
*check the HR to see if anything new is going on
*say hello to my FC

All of which are things that are important to me. When I realized that those things, those banal little daily things that infiltrate my mind when it wanders off into the unknown reaches...those are the things that make me different from my classmates.

How many of them would understand that I rate my time on a website as just as important as my school responsibilities? And how much would I be able to understand their worries and their ideas and what inspires them?

So in my existential epiphany I would have thought that what makes us different can not be categorized, it is not something that is easily delineated in a short phrase or in a quick response that could be spewed out for this cardiologist, who is obviously trying to get us to think about these more philosophical aspects of medicine?

When from the front row I hear:

?What makes us different from each other are our single nucleotide polymorphisms.?

And then Dr. Moody replies, ?exactly!?


I guess I really am different from my classmates :amuse