Funny thing about anatomy classes is that there is always an element of applied anatomy when learning it.

From my studies I have learned the best ways to kill someone, paralyze them, immobilize them for a short time, kill myself, and (ehem) the most erogenous places in the average human body.

For example my Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy professor was the self proclaimed master of suicide. He knew the cheapest, least painful and most effective ways to commit suicide. And I suppose when you are contemplating death, efficacy is of utmost importance.

But thats not my blog subject for today. Today is about a certain style of homicide. This is something I learned last year from my BLS class:

The movies have taught you wrong.

When you go behind someone to slit their throat, you do not push their head backward so that their chin points to the sky.

This is how its always done in the movies, but its anatomically not efficacious. What you are doing is separating the great vessels (the jugular and the carotid) and giving the person a more likely chance to crawl away, establish an airway and survive.

If you go up from behind them and push their head forward so that their neck points to their chest, you are bringing together the great vessels. You can effectively cut off the largest route of blood supply to their brain which will fell them in minutes.

Every good ninja, soldier, or assassin studies their anatomy. :)